See The Underwater World with Us

See The Underwater World with Us

Explore the wonders of the sea as we bring you deep down the waters of Cebu.

Flexible Dive Options

  • 3 scheduled dives per day – 8:30 to 11:00am & 2:00pm
  • Night dives available on our house reef (on request)
  • Small groups (no more than 8 people)
  • Most dive spots within 5-10 minutes of the dive centre

The following legend provides a rough guide of the difficulty of our dive sites. Factors include visibility and current strength. Conditions change daily and our Divemasters will advise you in the pre-dive briefing.

easy Easy, including beginners
intermediate Intermediate, good buoyancy required
adventurous Adventurous, advanced divers with significant experience
technical Technical or deep training recommended


Ronda Bay Sanctuary

This dive site is great for beginners and for those who want to find unusual marine life. The dive starts directly from the boat along the reef wall descending down to 40m. This site is great for macro life

Type: Slope and wall dive; Depth: 3-40m; Travel Time: 15 minutes


Umbrella Reef

Here, on a sandy bed, at 20m lies a small airplane that was put here as a dive attraction in 1993.

There is a mooring buoy right by the plane for a direct descent from the boat.
The airplane is home to shrimps and in the sand around it, Garden Eels are looking out of their holes. This is a great photographic opportunity and you can picture yourself in the cockpit!

You can also see shrimps, turtles, pygmy seahorses and sea fans. On the shallow part, between all the staghorn corals and table corals, you will find lots of anenome fish and beautiful batfish.

Type: Wreck and multi level wall dive; Depth: 3-50m; Travel Time: 13 minutes

Advanced is preferred if you want to explore the airplane at 20meters.


White Beach

Just off this glorious white sandy beach you will find big table corals, stag horns and lots of small fish.
Turtles often roam the site and shoals of pickhandle barracudas are often seen near the surface.

Make sure you have a look in all the different anemones, shrimps, Porcelain Crabs and parrotfish. This particular site is also great for snorkeling.

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 3-30m; Travel Time: 10 minutes


Dolphin House

We are not sure why this site was called Dolphin House because rarely will you see a dolphin here, however, there are usually large green turtles swimming around or taking a rest on the wall.

At this site you will have the opportunity to see large shoals of anthias, Parrotfish, Catfish and the reef wall is covered with soft and hard corals. This site also good for snorkeling.

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 3-35 m; Travel Time: 8 minutes


Tuble Point

A dive site with plenty of macro marine and the opportunity to see angelfish, butterfly fish, lionfish, hawkish, nudibranch and barracuda
This is a wall dive that is accessed directly from the boat allowing you maximum time to investigate all the nooks and crannies along the wall.

Great for snorkeling.

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 4-30 m; Travel Time: 7 minutes


Kasai Wall

This wall site is accessed from the boat and you ascend down directly onto the reef wall that houses small caves, overhangs where you will see Angelfish, Butterfly fish, Lionfish, Hawkish, Nudibranch and if your lucky at the time a whale shark!
This site is also great for snorkeling

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 3-37m; Travel Time: 5 minutes


Cebu Dive Centre House Reef

Our house reef which is situated only a few metres from the rear of the shop and is accessed via a slope. The wall is covered with both soft and hard corals and you may see barracudas, angelfish, butterfly fish, lionfish, Hawk fish, nudibranch, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish and if your lucks in maybe a Whale Shark.

We conduct our night dives directly from house reef where the access and egress is relatively easy. The reef wall is transformed at night with shrimps, crabs and other night marine life.
This site is great for snorkeling as the access is so easy

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 3-37 m; Travel Time: 30 seconds


Tongo Point

The dive is along a steep wall going down to endless depths.
It is not unusual to see large turtles during this dive and the wall is crammed with macro, colorful soft and hard corals
Along the wall there are also some big Branching corals with shoals of Razor fish hanging out around them.

Type: Wall dive; Depth: 3-30m; Travel Time: 10 minutes


PESCADOR ISLAND – The Jewel of Moalboal

On the Northwest side of the island, right below the mooring line, there is a cave recess, locally known as the ‘cathedral, starting at 37meters and exiting at 22 m and 15-18 m.
The reef here is stunning, even in the shallows where you will see a variety of different hard and soft corals and it is common to see frogfish, shoals of midnight snappers, barracuda, tuna, lionfish, clownfish and puffer fish. Also look out for the white-tip reef sharks who can often be observed cruising around below
We also dive the East and West side of the island so you can the chance to see this reef stunning island in it’s entirety

Type: Cavern and wall dive; Depth: 5-40 m; Travel Time: 20 minutes


Sunken Island

This site is one of the best in the area but can only be visited during certain times of the year dependant on weather and sea conditions
The top of the island starts at 22m and goes down to more than 250 m. On top of the island you will see big shoals of fusilias, jacks, Lionfish, moray eels, red tooth triggerfish, banner fish and more.
There can be a strong currents on this dive site so this location is only visited and dived on the discretion of the lead divemaster. Only experienced divers.

Type: Open water dive; Depth: 22-35m; Travel Time: 40 minutes


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