Weather & Temperature

Diving in Cebu is generally good all year round. The visibility is not affected much by the seasons, ranging anywhere between 10m on a very bad day and 30+m on good days. So, in our opinion, we cannot really recommend a special month where diving is best.

Cool & dry season (December to February)

Temperature in daytime is around 32C. Temperatures in night time drops to 23 – 25C. There are occasional rain showers. The water is a bit cooler, 26 – 27C.

Hot & dry season (March to May)

Temperature in daytime about 32C. It does not cool off very much in the evening; you can expect also 30 – 32C during most of the nights. The water is only a bit cooler, 27 – 29C. It rains very seldom, sometimes not for weeks. 0

Rainy season (June to November)

Temperature in daytime about 32C. Cebu and the Visayas don’t have a strong rainy season and it’s usually bright sunshine in the morning and a short but strong refreshing downpour in the afternoon. After that, sunshine again. Water temperature is 27 – 29C.

Between September and December the Philippines are sometimes hit by typhoons. These typhoons follow a regular path, which leads over the islands of Samar to Luzon (Manila) further on to China, Hong Kong or Japan. Cebu is outside this typhoon belt but sometimes we are affected by overcast and some rain for a couple of days

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