Safety & Security

DANOur team want you to have a safe and enjoyable diving experience whilst in Moalboal. We only promote safe diving practices and techniques at all times and would request that you do likewise. Your safety is paramount and is a core value to our business.

If you are a ‘rusty’ or ‘novice’ diver returning to the aquatic world or a ‘seasoned’ professional please do not hesitate to consult with a member of our staff for any advice or concerns.

Our boats are provided with two-way communications and equipped with emergency oxygen and additional emergency equipment is always available on the boat and at the dive centre.

Unfortunately in this day and age, there is a threat from terrorism in many countries across the globe including the Philippines, where the Mindanao region is mainly affected. However, we are pleased to state that there have been no reports of acts of terrorism on the island of Cebu.
The crime rate in Moalboal is low. As with all places, sensible precautions include displays of cash or jewellery in public should be avoided.

Even though it was common in the past in other areas of the Philippines, ‘dynamite’ and ‘commercial’ fishing has never been allowed in our waters and the area is considered as a preservation area.

We look forward to seeing you in sunny Moalboal.

Have a safe day!

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